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Blenders have to be durable, large enough, and powerful enough to crush all the ingredients you might ever feel like using with a unit. We’re committed to giving out a helping hand to buyers who might be struggling with their options, which is why we’ve looked at thousands of the best blenders in 2017. After having analyzed the overall brand quality, owner feedback and expert review sites, we can finally say that the Magic Bullet Pro 900 is the best product for the money. The Magic Bullet Pro 900 has all the features one might ever require, from a remarkably powerful motor to easy to use controls and a variety of useful functions. All one has to do in order to operate this appliance is add the ingredients and start mixing. Since this is a 15-piece set, it allows buyers to use it before going to the gym and early in the morning. What’s more, all of its components are BPA-free and can thus be used for preparing food for toddlers and babies. If the Magic Bullet Pro 900 is unavailable or a bit out of your budget, we recommend considering the Breville BBL605XL. The Breville is the second best on the line.



Features to understand before buying a blender


Best blenderWattage

Wattage is one of the most important things when it comes to blenders, because it determines what kind of substances the blender can work with. In essence, the higher the wattage, the harder the substances it can crush.  If you’re on a budget, then getting a blender with a lower wattage makes sense. However, you do have to keep in mind that when you get a blender that has between 300 and 600 watts, you won’t be able to blend much more than soft foods.

If you want to crush ice, and make smoothies with nuts and grains, then you have to get a blender that’s at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to watts. Of course, a blender of 1,500 watts is much more expensive than one of 600, which means that you have to save a bit more before purchasing it.



Durability is yet another thing that you have to be very careful about. Obviously, the more durable the blender, the more it will last. As such, you won’t find yourself having to worry about how long the warranty is as much (though warranty is, nevertheless, something you should keep an eye out for). Also, you won’t run into the frustrating experience of having to purchase a brand new blender after only  a very short time since purchasing the last one.

Of course, more durability also means that the blender will be more expensive than its less durable counterparts. While it might be tempting to get something cheaper, you should keep in mind that you’re sacrificing quality, and in the long run, this sacrifice might actually end up costing you more. That’s because you’re going to have to purchase more blenders because they don’t really last.

The best blenders of 2017 are ones that have as few plastic components as possible. Try to always go for those with stainless steel, or other metal components. This is especially important for the base and gear, and less so for the rest of the blender.


The best blenders of 2017 - comparison table

ModelPricePower (in Watts)Best featuresRatingGet it from:
Magic Bullet Pro 900
1.Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900
$$$900 Ease of use,
lots of accessories included
Breville BBL605XL
2.Breville BBL605XL
$$$$7505 speeds plus pulse,
illuminated buttons
Ninja Mater Prep QB900B
3.Ninja Master Prep
$$400Attachments with 4 and 6 blades,
Anti-spill splashguard
Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher
4.Hamilton Beach Wave
$$700 14 blending functions,
40-pound thermal shock resistant jar
Bella 13984 Rocket Extract Pro
5.BELLA 13984
$$700Lots of accessories included,
Emulsifying blade, Grinding blade



Size isn’t one of the most important things you have to consider, but you should think about it, nevertheless. For starters, if you’re someone who doesn’t use the blender very often, perhaps a smaller one will work best for you. That’s because when it comes to putting it away, you won’t be using a lot of storage space. However, if you think you’ll be using it a lot, and you’ll be making smoothies or other foods for large families, then you should look into bigger blenders.



Noise is yet another thing that you should be careful about. Event the top blenders of 2017 will make some noise. The difference, however, is that it won’t be a lot. You might not think of this as being extremely important, but if you think about using it in the early mornings, or late at night, having something that doesn’t make as much noise becomes the better choice. In terms of figuring out which blenders are more silent than others, you should check the blender reviews, as they will typically give you great insight into that.


Most appreciated models this year



You can make sauces, soups, purees, juices, and nutritious smoothies, just to name a few with a blender. These versatile countertop appliances can be found in most kitchens, and there are now even more models for you to choose from. To help you narrow down your choices we have included brief reviews so you can easily find the best blender in 2017.



Magic Bullet Pro 900


1.Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900This best selling blender features a powerful 900 watt motor, and is designed to be easy and convenient to use and maintain. Once the ingredients are added to the blender simply push down on the container and press to start mixing. You can easily crush hard vegetables and fruit to make nutritious and delicious drinks and smoothies, and you will also appreciate being able to toss the containers into the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleaning. With 15 pieces, including sealed cups it is easy to see why this blender remains a favorite with health conscious consumers.

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Breville BBL605XL


2.Breville BBL605XLFeaturing a durable and sturdy construction and designed to be easy and convenient to use, there is very little you can make with this versatile blender. The container is constructed from BPA free materials, and you will also appreciate its shatterproof design. The pitcher is also clear so you can see the ingredients, and the blades are designed to effectively reach every corner. There are 5 speeds to choose from, along with a convenient “pulse” function, and there are also plenty of preset functions for quick and easy use. You will also appreciate the bright LCD timer that will count down the seconds until the cycle is finished.

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Ninja Mater Prep QB900B


3.Ninja Master PrepPerfect for smoothies, this best selling blender is powerful enough to crush through hard veggies and small cubes of ice. The 400 watt pod is capable of producing enough power for all your ingredients, and you will appreciate the sharp blades that ensure everything is smoothly blended. It is perfect for frozen ingredients, and the 48 oz. pitcher also includes a convenient pour spout. There is also a 2 oz container for chopping, mixing, and dicing, along with puree and blending different ingredients.

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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher


4.Hamilton Beach WaveIf you need a blender for juicing this might be exactly what you are looking for. It features 14 functions for blending a variety of different ingredients, along with the special wave action system that ensures everything is smoothly blended. The buttons are clearly labeled for convenience, and with 700 watts of power there is almost no limit to what you can add to your juice or smoothie. You will also appreciate the pour spout on the lid, and the included pitcher is resistant to cracks and breaks.

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Bella 13984 Rocket Extract Pro


5.BELLA 13984Everything you need to extract the vitamins and nutrients from fruits and veggies is included with this powerful blender. It features a two year warranty and dishwasher safe construction, along with containers and lids that are BPA free. The 700 watt motor is powerful enough to crush ice and hard vegetables, and you will appreciate the durable stainless steel blades. With three 24 oz tumblers included, along with 2 12oz containers, you can easily stay healthy at home and on the go.

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